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Ow of BT and TB

Dedicated to a confusing time in my life, and the memory of a old crush that ruined alot for me, and a old friend who I loved and who I lost.

Ow is the tale of BT and TB

their friendship held strong

that was the key

their fights lasted long

& this made them sad

but they always pulled through

sure they got angry sure they got mad

and their hearts we’re blue too

but their bonds ran deeper

& so they always knew

this friendships a keep’r

& we’re stuck together like glue

me and you

through and through…

A day after I wrote this i found out she hated me, and that we weren’t friends. Im over it now, but I was looking back through my old journal and I never showed this to anyone and I thought it deserved some air.

2 Notes

a Tree for a celebration

a Tree for a celebration